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another new one

once again be forewarned...image of extreme emotive value behind the cut....also some slight gore....


model - nerdbomb
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makes you wanna just cuddle doesnt it?
I'm confused by how you go about taking such extreme pictures. They are really amazing. How do you even go about that?
hmm...good question...honestly i shoot what i my answer would be to find a way to have fucked up dreams, hallucinations, etc...

I like this picture, because I have dreams like that too. But mine are induced by reality. My father was the butcher in our village and I was his "big" helper. To list some of my tasks: catching and stirring the blood (I hate when it congeals into string-like tissue); cleaning the head (you wouldn't believe how heavy a pig head can be); cleaning the intestines... that was visually very interesting... you pour water in one end into an inverted pocket that you make and the weight of water running through the intestine turns it inside out in a matter of seconds... it looks like the thing comes to life. Hence my dreams. :-)